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WxCoder III Progress Storyboard

January 24th, 2007

Due to underlying changes in the Django framework, I have now had the opportunity to rewrite a good amount of the form handling code for WxCoderIII. The changes in Django make form handling much easier and incredibly more logical (from a programmers perspective). The changes also made it easier for me to add functionality that wasn't present before (see 7 for more details). This storyboard also covers the 'Forums' section I have added.

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The forums main page. This is a list of all forums available. These are created by administrators, not users. The hierarchy is Forums > Topics > Posts.

wxcoder screenshot


This is a list of topics in a forum. Users can start a new topic, or add posts to an existing one.

wxcoder screenshot


This is a list of posts within a topic. There is a form at the bottom of the list that allows a user to post a reply.

wxcoder screenshot


Clicking on a username brings up a list of all posts by that user. This will also be available through a search page that has yet to be implemented.

wxcoder screenshot


An initial version of downloading a B-91 filled in with data is shown here. Select a month and a year, click Submit, and a B-91 is delievered to the observer's browser.

wxcoder screenshot


Here is an example of a B-91 from Alderson, WV for January, 2006. Note not all fields of the B-91 form are automatically filled in; it's a work in progress.

wxcoder screenshot


Each entry field now has a valid pattern so input can be verified to match the pattern. This allows us to do things like require a decimal point for precipitation fields, disallow negative snowfall, and ensure numbers (or valid flags) are entered instead of anything else. Also, with the new form handling, error messages can now be displayed above the violating field, whereas before the error messages were all at the top of the page.

wxcoder screenshot