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WxCoder III Progress Storyboard

November 9th, 2006

This first storyboard shows the basic pages for logging in and entering and viewing observations. Some initial consistency checks are also displayed.

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The front page of WxCoderIII. This obviously needs some meaningful text and information for anyone who might stumble upon it.

wxcoder screenshot


The first page after an observer logs in. A menu is displayed on the left. A logout link is always displayed in the upper right. Their last login time and last observation are displayed far right. Messages from the WFO will appear on this first page under the 'News' section.

wxcoder screenshot


Clicking 'My information' from the observer home page brings them to this page, allowing them to view and edit their personal information, including changing their access code.

wxcoder screenshot


Clicking 'My observations' from the observer home page brings them to this page. Since this observer is associated with multiple sites, they must first choose a site. Once a site is selected, the observer will only need to select a site if they wish to change the site with which they are working.

wxcoder screenshot


If an observer is not associated with multiple sites, they are brought directly to this page after clicking 'My observations' from the observer home page. Here an observer has a new left-hand menu with different options for observations: Enter, Correct, and Browse. Note a multi-site observer can change their working site with the selection list below the menu.

wxcoder screenshot


This is the observation entry page for the Sagehen Creek, CA site. Each observation entry page is customized for data elements observed at the site. This page shows a new precipitation time of occurrence entry method, hopefully resembling a form the observer is used to. Additional site information is shown on the far right. An interactive help box is displayed on the far left. Helpful text is displayed here when an observer clicks on question marks placed throughout the entry form.

wxcoder screenshot


After submitting the above entry, this page is displayed alerting the observer that it is too soon to enter the observation for that time. The observer is also alerted that a max temperature must be greater than a min temperature. The form is redisplayed to allow the observer to correct the error.

wxcoder screenshot


Once the observer submits correct data, a confirmation page is displayed showing them how the system interpreted their observations. At this point, the observer can either confirm their data or return to the entry form to make corrections.

wxcoder screenshot


Going back to the 'My observations' page, clicking 'Browse previous observations' brings the observer to this page, displaying the calendar year with hyperlinks for each day with an observation. This page is also a great way to quickly see the completeness of observations for a site.

wxcoder screenshot


After clicking on a day from the previous page (November 8, 2006) the observer is brought to this page to view the observation on that day. Note there is a left-hand menu link to correct the current observation, which takes the observer back to the entry form but pre-populates the fields with this observation's data.

wxcoder screenshot