Package acis_xmlrpc :: Module util
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Module util

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Utility functions

Since: May 2007

Author: Grant Kelly

Functions [hide private]
Return the start and end dates for the last n days.
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Return a DateTime.Date object for a given string
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new_missing_array(sDate, eDate, missing=-999.0)
Return a list of missing values of the size of interval between sDate and eDate.
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new_date_array(sDate, eDate) source code
unique_list(l, idfunc=<function <lambda> at 0x2a9acafcf8>)
Order-preserving uniqify sequence l according to idfunc function.
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valid_stats(l, fun=<type 'bool'>) source code
getFilteredFlagSeq(flags) source code
Variables [hide private]
  invalid_mask = 2048
  flag_mask = 1984
  flag_code = {64: 'A', 128: 'B', 192: 'E', 256: 'J', 320: 'S', ...
Variables Details [hide private]


{64: 'A',
 128: 'B',
 192: 'E',
 256: 'J',
 320: 'S',
 384: 'T',
 448: '(',
 512: ')',