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Module options

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Definitions of options that ACIS XML-RPC server accepts.

Since: May 2007

Author: Grant Kelly

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build_parser(options=[(('--help', '-h'), {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'help', '...)
Given a list of 2-tuple options, return an option parser
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  base_options = [(('--help', '-h'), {'action': 'store_true', 'd...
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[(('--help', '-h'),
  {'action': 'store_true',
   'dest': 'help',
   'help': 'Prints help menu.'}),
  {'dest': 'stn', 'help': 'Comma-separated list of station IDs'}),
  {'dest': 'stntype', 'help': 'Comma-separated list of station ID type\